27October 2020

Q&A: How do I get started with backcountry skiing?

We know that a lot of you may be keen to do things differently this winter: whether that’s because travelling is off the list, or you’re looking for more personal space at the resort. If you’re looking at getting into slackcountry (non-resort terrain accessed via the resort) or backcountry ski touring,[...]

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29September 2020

Q&A: So, what will you be up to this winter?

We’ve made the tough call to not operate for the coming winter season (full details on that here). So. What now? Well, this will be a winter like no other for us. Since Jeff and I met back in 2007, while working in heli-skiing, we’ve spent winters side by side, but always[...]

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1September 2020

Q&A: What’s the secret to skiing powder?

I’ve said this before: “If you want to get better at skiing, don’t go shopping. Go skiing.” The point being, sometimes it can be too tempting to think that there’s a purchase, out there waiting for you, that will change everything. That the new piece of gear will have the magic[...]

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3August 2020

Q&A: How do you guarantee good powder?

Let’s be clear: powder snow is good news. Full stop. No scratching or scraping sounds. Deep enough to silently bounce through each turn, or to feel the swoosh, a little resistance as a wave of snow engulfs your boots, your knees, or more. Fresh tracks. AHHHH. It’s so, so good. But when you[...]

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