7July 2020

Q&A: What will heli-skiing look like next winter?

Risk management is the core of what we do. Prioritizing your safety, while providing a fun, exhilarating, memorable-for-a-lifetime experience is baked into our DNA. These conditions are new for us all, but we’re ready to keep doing what we do – creating a space where you feel informed, prepared and confident[...]

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16June 2020

Q&A: What’s Rudi up to these days?

Rudi turned 75 this spring, and has finally “retired” from Purcell. I use “quotes” around the word retired, because, well, in his case it doesn’t mean what that usually means. You’ll still be able to find him hanging around the lodge, chatting with guests, eavesdropping during the guides meetings, telling us jokes[...]

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9May 2020

Q&A: So, what’s the plan for booking next winter?

Since mid-March, when we shut operations early due to the pandemic, we’ve been spending our time probably a lot like you have – staying home, checking the news too often, riding the waves of anxiety, worrying for loved ones, and wondering when all the uncertainty will end. Never mind the endless[...]

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10March 2020

Q&A: What’s the snow like in late March?

There’s things that are different about heli-skiing in late March, and things that are the same. What doesn’t change? We’re still skiing powder. Beautiful, dry, untracked powder. What does change? We spend almost all our time on the biggest alpine lines, hopping from massive glacier to the next, and on open slopes[...]

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