1January 2018

How I Scored a Chance to Heli-Ski (And how it changed my life)

My first day skiing was out of a helicopter, in perfect, knee-deep, untracked powder. First day. First time skiing. I’ll let that land for a moment. When I (Katie) tell this story in person, there’s usually a stunned pause. Why? How? When? Or… with a smirk, I hate you. I know. A little over 10[...]

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28December 2017

The Pow-Lovers Manifesto

With visions of endless fresh turns ahead, we take a moment to salute what drives us, skiers and riders, to do this sport. When you consider all that it takes to be out there in winter, to SURVIVE out there – the layers, the wool, the gore-tex, the boots, the gear[...]

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11December 2017

Seize the day. It’s almost Opening Day!

There’s not much left to count down. Opening Day is a mere 5 days away! We are PUMPED to get started. Being a seasonal business, with a big stretch of off-season to rest, plan, book, prepare and share, it feels really good to be back on deck to get out there and[...]

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28November 2017

Rudi’s 4 Rules for Backcountry Skiing

Rudi has been working and playing in the backcountry for over fifty years. You’d have to spend a few winters with him to even begin to absorb all that stored knowledge, but here’s four key pieces of advice for all that yearn to shred the good stuff out of bounds. If you[...]

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