1August 2018

What kind of cairns will you build?

“I can’t believe it! They’re still here!” This past summer, Jeff and I spent a few days hiking from Mistaya Lodge, a ski touring and hiking gem up the valley from our home, perched at 7,000 feet among rocky peaks and blue-green alpine tarns. For me, it was a new experience, but[...]

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22May 2018

Half Dressed in Soggy Neoprene: Insights from a Windy Parking Lot

“Okay, now I’m really stuck.” I’m half out of my wetsuit, balanced precariously inside a rubbermaid container in the parking lot, hoping to keep a barrier between the suit and the sand once I’m finally free of it. I lean against the side of the truck now and then to right myself,[...]

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7January 2018

4 Essential Questions for 2018

I’ve never been a fan of New Year’s Resolutions. Not that the spirit of the new year fails to move me – it does! Freshness. Possibility. Love it. It’s more that a broad declaration of change can miss the real potential of this time, in my opinion. When we’re 100% focused on how we’re[...]

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1January 2018

How I Scored a Chance to Heli-Ski (And how it changed my life)

My first day skiing was out of a helicopter, in perfect, knee-deep, untracked powder. First day. First time skiing. I’ll let that land for a moment. When I (Katie) tell this story in person, there’s usually a stunned pause. Why? How? When? Or… with a smirk, I hate you. I know. A little over 10[...]

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