5March 2018

Bold News for 2019 – The Ultimate Package

From the start of this business, people told Rudi he was crazy. The whole idea of heli-skiing was so new back in the 70s, not many people could see the vision of how great, how big, it could really be. (If you haven’t read that story yet, you can check[...]

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14February 2018

Fresh Film This Week

Many runs in our operating zone actually refer to a massive swath of mountain, near the size of an entire ski resort area. One small name points to multiple drop-off points, a collection of pick-ups, and so many unique, incredible lines down. So it is with the humbly named ‘Caribou’, after[...]

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13February 2018

Purcell named one of Canada’s Top Signature Winter Experiences

Each year, Flight Network rounds up the top signature winter experiences in Canada. As they put it: “Excitement. Adventure. Pure romance in nature.” Their bucket-list worthy collection is a must-do shortlist of how to experience the best Canada has to offer in the season where everything is cold and white. We’re honoured[...]

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11December 2017

Seize the day. It’s almost Opening Day!

There’s not much left to count down. Opening Day is a mere 5 days away! We are PUMPED to get started. Being a seasonal business, with a big stretch of off-season to rest, plan, book, prepare and share, it feels really good to be back on deck to get out there and[...]

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