15July 2020

Is it worth it?

He had only ever been to the Bugaboos in late summer, when all the approaches to the climbing routes meant stumbling through endless stretches of loose boulders. The time of the year when the only sound is the constant creaking and clunking of granite – settling into new positions after its[...]

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29June 2020

Pinch all you want. This is real.

There’s a hole in the north face of the Eiger. If you’re not familiar, the Eiger is a mountain in the Bernese Alps of Switzerland, standing 3967 metres tall. It’s a pyramid of rock and ice and snow that has been a test-piece of alpine climbing for more than 100 years,[...]

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16June 2020

You’re stronger than you know

“You might not remember me, because you meet a lot of people, but I bet you remember this.” Right after the morning safety briefing, in the bustle of getting ready to load up, a guest sidled up to Jeff and showed him his phone, where he kept an old photo. Jeff glanced down[...]

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13March 2020

For Those About to Send: Three Mistakes We Make in Unfamiliar Terrain

Before I got into skiing, show jumping was my sport. I learned to ride as a wee kid, feet barely reaching the stirrups, and spent my teens training and traveling to competitions to see if I could score the fastest time over a course of fences on horseback. The horse I spent[...]

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