5March 2018

Bold News for 2019 – The Ultimate Package

From the start of this business, people told Rudi he was crazy. The whole idea of heli-skiing was so new back in the 70s, not many people could see the vision of how great, how big, it could really be. (If you haven’t read that story yet, you can check[...]

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19February 2018

Top 3 Reasons to Get Into the Backcountry This Year

The fastest growing sector of skiing and riding is backcountry. More and more people are psyched and making plans to go beyond the inbounds terrain and experience the great white beyond. If you need a nudge, or some inspiration to make it happen, here are my three top reasons to get into[...]

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2February 2018

Your Best Questions – Answered

By phone, email and online chat, all year we’re here to answer your questions so you can find the best backcountry experience for you, and know what to expect before you get on board. Here are some of the all-time most popular, and recent great ones:   WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO[...]

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17January 2018

Where To? Terrain Breakdown

Our heli-ski playground is 2,000 square kilometres (that’s a half million acres) of exclusive, empty, snow-covered backcountry. Where we go each day is determined by of-the-moment factors like weather, visibility, avalanche stability and best snow quality. The guiding team assesses all the variables at hand each morning, they make a plan,[...]

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