1October 2019

The Benefits of Being Unusual

“What are YOU looking at?” is definitely the look it was giving us. I’ll never forget it: We were sitting on the Treble Cone ski resort patio, in the south part of the South Island of New Zealand, in winter, watching a parrot sip someone’s abandoned latte. A parrot. A latte. No joke. “I[...]

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12August 2019

Where Are You Standing? The Thin Line Between Caution and Adventure

Jeff almost went to Alaska this year. A friend in the adventure filmmaking world was going up for a few days in April to get some ski footage of the epic-ness that is Alaskan steep faces and spines, and he reached out to Jeff to see if he wanted to tag[...]

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2July 2019

Get the Free Guide: Your price comparison cheat sheet

You may have noticed: It is NOT easy to compare all the different heli-skiing packages you can buy out there. Small group, smaller group, runs, vertical metres, private, semi-private, lodging, no frills, unlimited, single-day, multi-day…. Yikes. Can we just break it down and compare clearly?   I’ve been talking to people about this stuff[...]

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20June 2019

Good to Great: How to Make the Leap in Pow Skiing Technique

Jeff and I have this recurring disagreement we play out a few times a year. Whether it’s climbing season, skiing season, or we’re looking forward to a surf trip, I always try to find some complementary physical training I can do in the gym or at home. I do weighted pulling drills[...]

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