5August 2021

5 Smart Ways to Make Your Heli-Ski Trip Even Better

There’s a habit of conversation that’s become a running joke between Jeff and me. I noticed it many years ago when I was still getting to know Golden and its people. Nearly everyone, nearly all the time, seemed to be talking about what “the move” was. Like… How to take off and store a[...]

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29June 2021

Q&A: How do you survive not skiing in the off season?

This is a very easy question to answer: we don’t. Jeff is going on 32 months straight of skiing. It’s gotta be at least one day, even in the slim pickings of August or September. We can’t just hang them up in April and wait until November comes around again. Scoff! Unthinkable! 😉 Because[...]

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4June 2021

How to engineer the best experience ever

“I can’t believe our luck.” Back in the early 2000s, Jeff and his friend Tom were exploring the pacific cost of Costa Rica in a beat-up Suzuki Samurai with broken air conditioning and a couple of surfboards strapped to the roof. On the advice of people they’d met in the surf further[...]

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7May 2021

How do guides see terrain differently than the rest of us?

“Well, yes, maybe, but it depends.” That was the most common response I got from Jeff this winter, as I decided to use extra days off to learn more about how decision-making works in the field. I finally got fit enough to be able to ask an annoying number of questions on[...]

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