5March 2018

Bold News for 2019 – The Ultimate Package

From the start of this business, people told Rudi he was crazy. The whole idea of heli-skiing was so new back in the 70s, not many people could see the vision of how great, how big, it could really be. (If you haven’t read that story yet, you can check it out here.)

To most people, he was an adrenalin junkie mountain guide trying to start a particularly risky business venture – a business that sold something few people were brave enough to try.

That iconic Bruno Engler photo is of Rudi hucking a 40-footer off the tea house at Mt Norquay – a ski hill he got kicked off of for skiing “too fast” with the racing kids he coached.

He was in it for the love of skiing. For fun. For adventure. For making the absolute most of being alive.

The irony is, of course, that boldness has to be paired with measure to produce success. Recklessness self-destructs. It’s only when a bold spirit is guided by expertise, patience, determination and care that you really get somewhere good.

He combined that spirit with a steady dedication to keeping people safe in the mountains, to selling the best skiing experience of people’s lives.

Forty plus years later, with a new generation holding the reins, that spirit, and that legacy of professionalism, isn’t going anywhere.

We’re ready to huck it into the future.

That future will be about quality, not quantity.

We’re a small business. Getting bigger and bigger has never been part of our DNA.

In fact, we like the idea of going smaller. More intimate. More exclusive. All about the skiing, and lots of it.

A focused, truly outstanding experience, where we can bring all of our expertise to a group of people we can get to know each day, with fewer limits than ever.

Winter 2019 will allow our guests to heli-ski from our exclusive heli-pad at the base of Kicking Horse Mountain Resort.

Your ski-in/ski-out accommodations at the resort just become heli-ski-in/out. Yes. All the best skiing in Golden, in one place.

Packaged with boutique accommodations at the beautiful and cozy Copper Horse Lodge, your helicopter, your room, your hot tub and your meals will all be only steps apart, making for a ski holiday that’s both simple and extraordinary.

Your guides will come to you, and provide gear and orientation before taking off for the backcountry, flying right over the gondola line-up.

When you ask people to describe the perfect heli-ski package, they always say things like:

The helicopter is always waiting for me, never me waiting on it.

We’re a small group that I can fill with my own friends, or small enough that we can stay tight and move fast, and make some great new friends that are strong skiers/riders.

No limitations on terrain choice or exploring the zone because of another group (Mother Nature sets her limits, fair enough).

The access is convenient and straightforward, and makes the most of my precious holiday time.

Value for the best skiing is more important than pricey extras.

There’s always a tail guide, and safety is always a priority.

Well, we dig that too. And we’re ready to provide exactly what you’ve been asking for.

3, 2, 1… DROPPING!

Click HERE to check out the Ultimate Package.