30November 2015

Best start in a decade!

Yes! It’s been ten years since there was this much pre-season snowfall in the Purcells.

Kicking Horse and other resorts are opening early, and the buzz on the Interior’s killer conditions is spreading far and wide.

And it wasn’t just the mega-storm from two weeks ago that dropped 56cm in 24 hours (although that sure helped). November has been the gift that keeps on giving – consistent stormsĀ have made the current snowpack in the alpine look like February!

The guides have been very happy to check conditions and dive into the first faceshots. “When it’s so deep you can’t even yell, cause you’re almost choking…” – that’s what winter has opened with so far.

Keep up with the latest photos from our backcountry here.

Deep days ahead!

Opening day is December 14.

– Katie

p.s. Remember, if you’re not a Canuck, the Canadian dollar is low and in your favour! Check the conversion to your home currency and smile. The time is now.