7March 2017

Best of this week

If it seems like the word ‘EPIC’ gets overused in our line of work,

you’ll have to forgive us.

This is what a Monday can look like:

Purcell Heli skiing Helicopter flying through big mountains covered in deep snow

We’ve had a mix of weather in the last week, like always, including a 50cm two-day storm (BOOM) and some pristine, bluebird dream days.

With our massive operating area, and any degree of new snow, we just keep on enjoying fresh turns everywhere we go.

Rudi Gertsch heli skiing, making a turn in the deep snow

Now that we’re getting closer to spring, some of the best skiing of the winter is coming right up.

The well-established snowpack, plenty cold temps and briefer, intense storm cycles can make the ultimate combo for killer snow quality, big alpine terrain and bigger terrain variety in general.

The playground is vast, my friends. Do you want to get out there?

Vast mountain range covered in deep powder snow

Yeaaaaaaaah! And here’s some live action of all that beautiful pow to get you through the week!

So epic.

Winter’s far from over, and that’s such good news. Who’s with me?

– Katie


Photos and video by Laundromat Studios