30January 2015

The Alpine Picnic

Lunch in the mountains is a beautiful thing.

Some days we dine on a breathless mountain top, or stretched out on an alpine meadow, or cozied up on the porch of one of our cabins. The midday meal has gotten a boost of local flavour this season with the addition of fresh baking from Crust & Crumb, Golden’s newest bakery. The sandwiches are constructed on Crust & Crumb’s alpine buns, a recipe created with our heli-induced hunger in mind.

And the cookies, oh the cookies. There’s nothing like a salted caramel cookie dipped in hot tea to keep you powering through the powder all afternoon.

But it’s not just the baking that makes the lunch great. The sandwiches feature meats from Valbella Gourmet Foods in Canmore, a classy operation founded by Rudi’s long-time friend and fellow Swisser, Walter Von Rotz.

Not to worry if you’re not into things like meat and wheat. We’re happy to accommodate any and all dietary restrictions.

Bon appetit!