7January 2018

4 Essential Questions for 2018

I’ve never been a fan of New Year’s Resolutions.

Not that the spirit of the new year fails to move me – it does!

Freshness. Possibility. Love it.

It’s more that a broad declaration of change can miss the real potential of this time, in my opinion.

When we’re 100% focused on how we’re going to change, our heads are entirely in the future, imagining that future self and how much ‘better’ we’ll be.

But the year that has just ended has undoubtedly taught us all something. I take the new year as a cue to reflect on the past, and then see what future springs forth.

It can be a time for insight about where I’m at, so I can turn that clarity into action.

Here are four questions you might enjoy, to process what’s past and clear the way for a really fresh start.

What am I bored of?

What habit, routine, commitment, or way of spending time are you bored of? Checking email first thing, doing the same workout, putting off a vacation for ‘sometime soon’, or maybe your hairstyle! Who knows.

For you, what has had its time and then some?

What do I want more of?

This one’s my favourite. Let a healthy sense of craving and expansion lead the way. Are you ready for more…. outside time, big dinner parties, time along, adventure, powder skiing? What are you ready to welcome with open arms?

What would give me peace of mind?

What’s been lingering on your to-do list long enough to feel like a weight? What do you need to finish, put to bed or plan for to give you a sense of ‘Ahhh, back on track.’

Book the time off, wrap up the project, lighten the load! Getting it out of your head can be a tremendous relief – a great way to start the year.

What am I devoted to?

Maybe this is something that already holds a prime spot in your life or your values. This question can help re-inspire your commitment to what matters most. Is it skiing or riding? Is it being outside? Maybe adventuring with your family, traveling to new places, or just taking care of yourself?

Make room for the best in the coming year.

If that includes heli-accessed backcountry powder skiing, let me know.


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