10September 2019

Q&A: Where exactly are you and how do I get there?

Whenever I’m looking to travel somewhere, one of the first things I do is look at a map. I want to get a lay of the land – where everything is in relation to everything else, and what will be my route to get there. There are a LOT of ski[...]

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12August 2019

Where Are You Standing? The Thin Line Between Caution and Adventure

Jeff almost went to Alaska this year. A friend in the adventure filmmaking world was going up for a few days in April to get some ski footage of the epic-ness that is Alaskan steep faces and spines, and he reached out to Jeff to see if he wanted to tag[...]

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29July 2019

Q&A: Why is there so much tree skiing in BC?

The Interior of B.C. is famous for those dreamy, deep tree lines. It’s a big part of the backcountry ski culture here, and heli-skiers in B.C. will hit the glades more often than almost any other destination in the world. (Can’t forget Japan, hence ‘almost’) Why?   Geography Compared to the coast ranges of B.C.[...]

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2July 2019

Q&A: What exactly happens before take-off?

Good morning! We meet at 8:00am, but we won’t be up in the air until 9:00am. What happens during the prep hour? Here’s what:   THE GEAR Need some powder skis or a snowboard? We’ll get you set up. THE GAME PLAN After welcome and introductions, your guide will tell you what we expect for the day,[...]

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