7December 2016

Top 10 reasons to heli-ski in December

Opening Day is December 16th.

Thinking of getting on board sooner than later? Here’s why December is not to be missed.

10. Fresh tracks – While endless fresh powder makes for first tracks every run, how much cooler is it to be able to say you laid the first tracks of the entire season?

9. Ski Quality – While most people focus on the amount of snow that we get later in the season, people often dismiss the quality of the snow in December and early January. It comes in colder and drier, and that means more faceshots!

8. More flexibility – Most of our prime time seats in February and March get booked up months in advance. December and January often have seats available last minute, so when you hear the weather man forecasting snow for the next couple days, you can call our office and book yourself a seat to take advantage of it.

7. Did we mention the ski quality?


Kyle Hamilton photo

6. Ski earlier, ski more often – Getting out early season means you can book again later in the season when you realize how much better it is than any other ‘getaway’ option.

5. The terrain is different – Have you always gone skiing mid February to late March? Try skiing early season to get completely different terrain. Our tenure averages 25 meters of snow over a season… thats 82 feet! That little roll over you ski late March, may have a sweet little line hiding under it that you’ll only feel in early season before it’s completely buried.

4. Colder temps mean lighter, drier snow. We mentioned the ski quality, right?


3. It costs less. Why pay premium pricing for peak season, when you can score the goods early season at a better rate?!?

2. The guides are in a better mood. Just kidding. Our guides are always stoked, and always happy to be out skiing with our guests. But, there’s no denying that early season is when they are beside themselves excited to be back on the snow.

Come feed off their stoke.

1. Celebrate it! Its a well known fact that heliskiing early season means you’ve got more time to brag to your friends about the raddest day on skis you’ll have all season.


Wanna check out December for yourself? Send us a note and start planning how to end 2017 in STYLE.



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