1February 2017

This is where it all starts

Welcome! Should we go heli-skiing?

Our day lodge is just five minutes from the heart of the town of Golden, but stepping inside is the beginning of feeling very far away from day-to-day life.

With a hot cup of Rudi’s own mountain tea in hand, we’ll orient you for the day of incredible adventure to come.



The lodge itself is a sight to take in, with hand-carved details furniture and details, massive stone fireplace, cathedral ceiling and breath-taking views.

The other centerpiece is the Bruno Engler photo wall, covered with iconic prints from the famous mountain photographer. Rudi and Bruno were close friends, and was often a model for shots, so you’ll spot Rudi in a couple from back in the day!


The Swiss influence is proudly on display, like this bell that was cast for Purcell’s 20th anniversary year.


The heli-pad is only steps away, and a thrilling 10-15 minute flight will drop you in a remote backcountry wilderness.


We’ll meet you back here at the end of the day, to share some snacks and stories, put our feet up by the fire, and bask in the glow. A day of the best skiing of your life will leave you grinning and then some!


Hope to meet you here!

– Katie


Photos by Kyle Hamilton and Laundromat Studios