1September 2013

New for 2013/14! Special rate for multi-day guests

Sometimes one day just isn’t enough heli-skiing. For those of you that know that one day will just be Day One, and for you long-time loyal, heli-only, week-long warriors, you’ll now have access to a special multi-day rate. It’s our way of saying ‘nice to see you again’, because it always is.

The new multi-day rates will apply to every program and any size of group. Check out the Classic, Exclusive or Family rate options here.

Why go multi-day? Here’s the truth. Most of us don’t ski powder on a regular basis, so your comfort level, flow and ability to get the most out of the conditions will only increase each day. Lots of folks have been skiing a long time, waiting for a heli opportunity, so for some it makes sense to give themselves a day or two beyond that first one to really get into the groove.

Plus, with the Exclusive program, your whole team will have a full day under their belts on day two and beyond, so everyone’s ready to go first thing in the morning (safety briefing from day one: check). That means more daylight hours for skiing. Always good news.

Multi-day trips can start on any day of the week, and can be consecutive or with break days in between. Flexibility is the name of the game. We hope you’ll take advantage of this special rate!