2January 2017

2017’s Top Trend for New Year’s Resolutions

Could it really be so different? Isn’t it always get in better shape¬†or save more money? Not this year. Survey says (as in, all the lifestyle reporters)… Living Life To The Fullest is the biggest trend on people’s lists for 2017. This time around, people don’t want their lives to feel constricted by[...]

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16December 2016

Opening day is here!

TODAY IS THE DAY! We’ve been waiting for many months. Now it’s time to share all this fresh, glorious powder with you! Let’s get out there and shred it! Today is just the beginning. The beginning of so many deep turns, sweet lines, mind-blowing flights, sick photo and video, ridge landings, soft landings,[...]

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7December 2016

Top 10 reasons to heli-ski in December

Opening Day is December 16th. Thinking of getting on board sooner than later? Here’s why December is not to be missed. 10. Fresh tracks – While endless fresh powder makes for first tracks every run, how much cooler is it to be able to say you laid the first tracks of the[...]

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15November 2016

Heli-Skiing’s F Word

There is an f-word that is essential to making sure you have a great heli-skiing experience. We strongly believe it’s what you should be looking for before you commit to a trip. And no, not that f-word… When it comes to heli-skiing, the f-word that matters is FLEXIBILITY. There’s several ways an operator[...]

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