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9January 2015

New Year, Fresh Powder

It’s been a snowy few weeks in the mountains around here. The New Year has brought with it a new coat of fresh snow. Never know how long it’ll keep its champagne sparkle till the next storm (Mother Nature likes to keep us all guessing), but gosh darn it, it’s [...]

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1December 2014

Which profile fits you?

A Quick Story… Andrew and Beth came out for a day of heli-skiing last April with their two teenage sons. The kids were rippers. You could see their smiles coming at you through the glades, if you could stay ahead of them that is, and unless they were mid-360. Mom and [...]

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12November 2014

Do you need to heli-ski?

No one needs to go heli-skiing. It’s true, right? You’d definitely survive without it. You need food and water and shelter and family. You need health and safety. The ‘need’ list, if you really whittle it down, is shockingly short, especially compared to everything we’ve gotten used to needing. Before you go thinking [...]

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30September 2014

Stop for lunch?

It’s always been a special spot. Halfway down a run we call Hump, a little clearing, panoramic views, gets the sun all day, great skiing in every direction. A great lunch spot ready for an upgrade. Jeff and Matt milled the wood themselves from trees on our own property, cut the logs [...]

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10June 2014

What is Custom Group Heli-Skiing?

The most common hesitation people have around joining a heli-ski group is this: “Will I be grouped with people of the same ability? Will this day go at my pace, or someone else’s?” Good question. Makes a big impact on the value you get from the experience, right? Will the investment be [...]

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